Friday, October 26, 2018

B&B S1E9: Week 9 CFB Preview and more!


-The Beatdown in the Bayou...
-Is Auburn on the mend?
-Is Kentucky for real?

-The World's Largest Outdoor Beverage Mixing Party preview

-Week 9 CFB Preview

-Do we care about the World Series?

-Gee v Peele in Fantasy Football this week!

Friday, October 12, 2018

B&B S1E8: Week 7 CFB Preview, MLB Postseason, and a little rant

-What happened to the US at the Ryder Cup?
-Where does Auburn go from here?

-UGA and the Bayou showdown
-Matt goes on a rant
-Garret starts a GoFundMe for Gus' buyout


B&B S1E13: Reliving the SEC Championship & Hope for Atlanta United

Highlights: -Is Matt ok after the SECCG? -Excitement builds for Atlanta United -OUR FIRST COMMERCIAL that nobody paid for -Look ahead at...