Friday, September 21, 2018

B&B S1E6: Week 4 CFB Preview & Spanning the Sports World!

Do you like brand new intro music soundbites?? Then you'll LOVE this episode! 

What happened?

Stinker of the Week: FSU

Peele’s Social Corner
-Colorado mascot reverse t-shirt cannon

Spanning the Sports World:
-Atlanta United crazy comeback over San Jose
-Atlanta Braves days away from clinching the division 
-Atlanta Falcons trying to overcome adversity and it's all Colin Cowherd's fault
-Cleveland Browns crack open a cold one

UGA v Mizzou - When everyone is trying to find something interesting to talk about! 

Top Games remaining for each of the top 25

Gee’s Guarantee: Garret tries to win back the people's trust the only way he knows how: picking an easy cover! 

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