Tuesday, November 28, 2017

B&B S1E1: The Premiere!

Welcome to Gee & Peele's attempt at talking about sports on a podcast! You are in for a treat as this Auburn & Georgia fan talk about the big issues in the sports world as well as plenty of nonsense in the pop culture universe. Join us on this PREMIERE episode as we discuss:
  • Evolution of the fan
  • This week in miserable Atlanta sports history (1991 World Series, Game 2)
  • Big topic of the week (Rivalry Week in College Football)
  • Peele’s Social Corner (aka 'stuff Garret doesn’t know about')
  • This week’s most ridiculous tweet (Kyrie Irving Flat Earth theory)
  • Pickin’ on Sports (Everybody can do picks...we pick on the games nobody picks on) 
Join us on this journey as we talk about the things we love...even if nobody is listening.


Highlights: -Kentucky Blues but not for the Dawgs -College Basketball Preview boiled down to one word: DUKE -SEC Championship BRIEF prev...